10 favourite beauty products from South Korea

If you’re into make-up and skin care you’d have heard how amazing Korean beauty or K-Beauty is. After being in Seoul for a week, it isn’t rubbish at all! They’re obsessed with beauty and make-up products that there’s a store on every corner.

To be completely honest, I didn’t get into makeup until a few years back. As with most things as you get older I couldn’t go into work with just a fresh face anymore! I needed something to hide those circles and to plump my face. Curse you age *shakes fist*

However, when I was younger I used to do theatrical makeup for the local dramatic society, but my specialisms were more creatures and paints than anything day to day.

Anyway, now I’m an avid user of Cult Beauty, Nip & Fab and Deciem products which I use almost everyday to just look like ‘me’… but all of this costs mega bucks. Having heard so much great stuff about Korean beauty products and loving K-POP so much, I set myself a mini challenge: What could I get in Korea that would make my makeup bag and pocket just that little bit cooler?

Pore Master – Sebum control Primer – Aritaum


This little wonder is an absolute dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional Primer. It’s smooth when applied and makes your make up last all day. Unlike some primers, I didn’t find this made my foundation go blotchy or cakey around the mouth either and at just £6 on conversion, my bank loves me just that little bit more too.

Perfection Coverage Tip Concealer – The Saem


I’ve been an user of Mac Select Cover Up NW20 concealer for many years now and I’ve struggled to find anything that matches up to it… except this. These tubes of cover up cost a tiny £3.50 but I would say it lasts longer than my Mac concealer. The only buggy thing with it is the crease I sometimes get in my eyelid but that’s nothing but of primer or a makeup brush couldn’t fix.

Wonder Pore Cleanser – Etude House


This cleanser is lovely and bubbly on the skin thanks to the peppermint extract. The 500ml bottle is an awesome dispenser too and you place a pad on the top and press down to get the right amount to cleanse. It’s just like those ones you see in the nail salon. My pores looked smaller when I use it, my skin feels a little more supple and very fresh. When I used it, even after using a facial wash and makeup remover, I could see dirt on the cotton pad! *GROSS* but based on reviews, many people experienced the same. At £9.50 a bottle though, it’s a bit more expensive than your average cleanser but seems to last absolutely ages.

Kill Brow – Auto Hard Brow Pencil – Club Clio


For the first time ever I found the actual colour I needed for my eyebrows! I’ve never had this anywhere before. I always get given a taupe colour from either Smashbox or Benefit but it always was a little too brown or orange for me. Luckily, they had multiple shades of grey/blonde tones meaning the assistant in the store found my pencil in a flash!

Peripera – Ink Velvet Lip Tint – Club Clio, Love Health and Beauty or Olive Young


These tints are the bee’s knees. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of lipstick. I’ve always found it blotches on me, bleeds even with pencil and just looks too harsh on my face. If I’m dressed up for Goodwood Revival it looks the part but for date night or just when I fancy a touch of colour it’s just too much.

Now these are amazing. With just the smallest amount and some blending with a makeup brush or your finger, it add colour to your lips in a very natural and subtle way, plus it doesn’t come off! Seriously, the patchwork I had on my hand from testers lasted for days, even when using the instore makeup remover.

Kokostar – Long Hair Mask – Art Box


I’m yet to use these but they’re highly reviewed. If you love watching KPOP like me, you’ll notice how healthy and shiny Korean’s hair can be. Unfortunately, for me, blonde hair can get dry and brittle really quickly, even with strong conditioner and Moroccan Oil. I’m super excited to try ANYTHING that will add life to my hair so I’ve bought a few of these.

Many reviews have said that the 20 / 30mins on the pack is great but for better results, leave it on overnight! Just like a face pack, you wrap your hair then wait, so I can see why an overnight pack would make sense. When I was younger, there was a similar product from The Body Shop that required heat after application and my hair felt like a dream, so fingers crossed!

Kazakaza – Makeup remover wipes – Too cool for school


Wipes are such a lazy way of cleaning your face, but sometimes using cotton pads, makeup remover, toner and moisturiser when you just want to get into bed won’t cut it. Now these little beauts are absolutely mental. Waterproof make-up comes off in 1 go! That’s right… no more waiting a few minutes to wipe (although I did out of habit). These little packets are about the same size as a packet of tissues, so don’t fill your bag and at just £1.50 a pack, the store was lucky I didn’t clean them out.

3CE – Back to Baby BB Cream – 3CE and Love Health and Beauty


I’m a big fan of BB cream but I’ve never found one that’s the right shade for me. This one is though! *YIPPEE*. Not only that, it includes an SPF and smells like a dream. To be honest, this was sold out at all the Olive Young stores I visited while in Korea but the tester in store was so good, I ordered it from Cult Beauty when I got back to the UK.

This BB cream melts into your skin blending incredibly well and leaving your skin to feel silky after application. It covered all my dark spots and blemishes without needing to apply concealer (although my eyes needed it). This product was a lot cheaper in Seoul but I would be happy to pay the £13 again if I needed to.

Choosy Lip Masks – Art Box, Love Health and Beauty and Olive Young


I NEVER carry lip balms when I should so my lips crack, split and peel ALL THE TIME. I know, I’ll learn one day. These cute little masks help to heal and soften your lips, excellent for super cold weather. I’ve used mine after using my Lush bubblegum lip scrub. Better still, these are only 65p.

Round A Round – Banana Milk branded hand and body wash – Olive Young


These kooky little bottles of body wash are styled and designed to look like one of Korea’s favourite drinks. Banana Milk (or Miss Milk if you translate it on Google) is available in all corner shops and tastes like the artificial sweet banana flavour you get from those foam sweets called “Shrimps and Bananas”. Anyway, this line of products smells just like that, and there’s no way I’m not bringing this home.


I’m really enjoying Korean beauty products at the moment. They seem to suit my skin care needs more and the make-up appears to match my skin tone more. I look forward to trying more of the products from my trip to Korea (I got more than featured here) but also I’ve ordered a few products I was unable to get while on the trip.


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