Micro Blading before and after

Hints and tips for cosmetic treatments abroad

Everyone says it. If I won the lottery I’d get my nose done, my boobs done or whichever body part of your choosing. Everyone considers some sort of cosmetic work, surgery or treatments alike. TBH, we shouldn’t need to resort to cosmetic work, but sometimes it seems an inviting option and if the opportunity is there, why not? So sometimes you begin to search to find solutions, and ultimately for me, it’s more about improving what I have more than changing my look.

Mine was my eyebrows.

After years of abuse from over-plucking, waxing and being a guinea pig for my trainee beautician friends, I was left with a fashionable 90s pair of eyebrows. Very high maintenance and completely impractical. To be honest, in 2017 thin eyebrows are completely unfashionable.

For years I have tried multiple natural techinques to ‘re-grow’ my eyebrows. Obviously none of these worked, except a circa £30 product called Rapid Brow which did wonders for my brows but it couldn’t re-grow everything. Plus, maintaining the costs to achieve what I wanted was going to take years and a lot of money. I had a wedding to prep for!


After reading about microblading, I thought I finally found the answer. In short, microblading is like a non-permanent tattoo of individual hairs where your brows once were. They look really impressive and do the job. Only problem is for a good job in the UK, you were looking at £300 plus to have them done. Until a good friend make a recommendation;

Why not have them done abroad?

This worked out fantastically well. Not only did this work out cheaper but I got a weekend break out of it as well. I did have lots of concerns about it though. You read and hear about horror stories from the UK, as well as overseas. So I got researching.

From a few quick Google searches, as few questions and chats with friends who also had cosmetic work done, I learnt a few things that might make you consider having cosmetic treatment abroad. However I will point out, that I had treatments done, not any surgery, so if you’re considering this also discuss with your GP before booking your tickets.

Do your research.

There’s so much you can research but here’s a few key things you need to think about before venturing overseas and getting your treatment done.

  • What’s going to happen. You want to understand the process, what happens, what equipment and solutions are used, what effect you’ll get, how much time it’ll take for the procedure but also how long it will take before you need a second or third procedure. Also to consider if there’s any downtime and is there anything you can’t do, like swimming or be in the sun.
  • Make sure you definitely want this treatment and it’s right for you. The materials used and treatment creams may not be natural products and it’s important to consider this, especially for comfort and any allergies you may have. Ideally the more natural products used, the better. Less risk of any allergic reactions.
  • Follow ups and can you afford it? Many treatments may require follow ups, meaning you will require multiple trips? Can you afford to do this? Also, what’s the frequency. I arranged with my aesthetician that I could return 10 months later for the second top-up, meaning I could spread the cost of travel. What’s important is you don’t pay to go and then find you need to have multiple follow ups.
  • Speak to someone at home first. Visit a cosmetic place in the UK (or your home country) that can recommend you have that specific treatment. You don’t want something done that isn’t right for you and your skin type.
  • Best buds. Do you have a friend that can escort you and more importantly can speak the native language? There’ll be forms and medical information that might be difficult to translate into English, so it’ll be handy to have a friend to help you back to the hotel but will also be able to read those forms and help discuss what you want with the aesthetician.
  • Overall costs. Remember, it’s not just the treatment cost if you venture overseas. Remember, you need to pay for travel, hotels, suitable travel insurance and the treatment, so it needs to work out less than what you’d spend in the UK.
  • Recommendations are key! Is the salon you’ve chosen recommended and more importantly, do you know anyone that’s had a treatment there? Check this out and their ratings online. Check Google and Facebook for their reviews.
  • Treatments do hurt! Yes, they’ll use anaesthetics but it’ll still hurt more than you think. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there.
  • And lastly but most importantly. Do you definitely want the treatment done?

Hopefully this list helps you. I’ve just returned from Gdynia where I had my eyebrows redone by Patrycja at Make Up Your Mind and Anna for Mesotherapy. Best of luck.


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