My favourite shops outside the UK

Who doesn’t love shopping? Let’s be honest here, no matter where you go on holiday or where you sightsee, you’ll find you end up looking at window displays even if you don’t buy anything.

I complied a list of all my (I say my as Adam may have some different ones) shops I like to visit when I’m outside the UK.

Sephora – Europe.

Credit @PinroseScents

Who doesn’t love this place? All my favourite non UK brands of skin care and makeup under one roof! Makes shopping easier. If only they would open one in the UK.

Lagerhaus – Sweden.

credit @lagerhaus_ab

A personal homeware favourite. A lot of our house nic-nacs are from lagerhaus from the hanging door monkeys who hold our coats and towels to the sprinkles cushions I have on my sofa.

New Yorker – Europe.

credit @art_xxx

A cheap clothing brand that seems to have a sale on 365 days a year. If you’ve forgotten an essential item (like a hat or gloves) then this is the place to come.

Bla Bla Bra – Hong Kong.

credit @blablabra_official

Want outrageous bras at low costs? Go here. They offer loads of fun and off the wall designs at low prices. However, check for sizing. The average UK size is much bigger than some designs stock in Asia.

Cropp Town – Poland.

credit @cropptownnsk

My all time favourite clothing store. Not only do they have all the sizes in stock, but you can get some awesome designs for next to nothing. I bought a tunic dress there last year for £3 and 3 pairs of jeans for £20.

Bonus Store.

NYX – Europe including UK!

credit @makeupartaberdeen

Thankfully, this popular make-up brand as finally hit UK stores. After a trial in Boots around the country, we’ve finally be let loose with a flagship store in Westfield London. I’m sure, flagships will pop up everywhere around the UK very soon. This brand is amazing however I still prefer paying in euros than pounds. Seem to get much better deals over on the continent at the moment.


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